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Manufacturer News: Design World Review of Roxtec’s EzEntry Cable Entry Seals

Roxtec EzEntry Cable Seals

Design World Publication has recently released a video review of Roxtec EzEntry cable entry seals. In the video Design World editors Lisa Eitel and Mary Gannon discuss the features and ratings of the EzEntry cable seals and also provide an installation overview.

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, Roxtex cable entry seals provide you with..

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Roxtec ComSeal LW Cable Entry Seals

Do you need a low-cost solution to keep your cables protected in mild environments? Roxtec’s ComSealâ„¢ LW cable entry seals are IP44 rate, certified for UL 3R and as with all of Roxtec’s cable seals they allow the flexibility to seal multiple wires with a single cutout.

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Roxtec EzEntry Cable Sealing Solution

Roxtec EzEntry Cable Seals

Do you need a way to route numerous cables into your electrical enclosure or data cabinet without having to drill numerous holes? Roxtex cable entry seals provide you with a flexible solution that allows you to drill a single hole and route multiple cables.

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Weekly Welty – Roxtec RG M63 Cable Seal Module

This week’s video features the Roxtec RG M63 cable seal module. The Roxtec RG M63 is a…

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