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BgB’s Weekly Wire: Mersen Time-Delay AJT Fuses

Mersen AJT Fuses

This week’s video features Mersen (Ferraz Shawmut) AJT time-delay fuses. Amp-Trap 2000 time-delay AJT fuses provide IEC Type…

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What is a time-delay fuse? Are all time-delay fuses the same?

Mersen Time Delay Fuses

What is a time-delay fuse? A time delay fuse, also known as a short blow fuse, is a special time of fuse that is designed to allow a surge in electricity for a short time before the fuse actually blows. Regular fuses do not allow…

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When is a fuse too old?

How can you tell when the fuses in your storeroom or plant are no longer usable? We pulled a few tips from Mersen’s Three Clues for Detecting When is a Fuse Too Old for Storeroom Inventory information sheet and…

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Mersen Class CC ATDS Fuses

Mersen’s Class CC ATDS highly current-limiting fuses are a perfect solution for small-motor protection. They provide maximum fault protection for…

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