Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure’s Solar Control Application Case Study

Learn how Amptech Energy Systems used Stahlin’s non-metallic enclosures to protect the source circuitry and related important components of its combiner box in Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure’s Solar Control Application Case Study.


Amptech Energy Systems is an alternative energy “Balance Of Systems” (BOS) supply specialist. They have designed solar PV combiners collaboratively with direction from solar PV BOS installers, integrators, electricians, design engineers, marketers, manufacturers and educators. The result is an extremely user-friendly combiner box. Amptech Energy Systems also provides a monitoring service to measure and diagnose the performance of combiner. THE CHALLENGE

The Amptech Energy Systems combineris designed to combine the output of multiple solar electric (PV) source circuits. Each circuit can accept up to 12 amps of PV input current up to a total maximum of 340 amps. It also provides a convenient, visual way to isolate the PV array input circuits. No interruption of the power production of other circuits in the array is required. This reduces the time required to troubleshoot any PV related circuitry problems and improves safety. The combiner also has an optional string level wireless monitoring capability as part of the “drop in” design to each combiner.

All of the extremely sensitive source circuitry and supporting components must be housed in an enclosure that has a proven ability to protect from impact, moisture, dust, corrosion, temperature variations and damage from…>>Read More

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure's Solar Control Application Case Study

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