Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure Outdoor Audio Case Study

When Outdoor Audio Inc. wanted to create an outdoor audio system that could remain outside permanently they needed to ensure that the housing would protect their equipment from all environmental factors. Find out how Stahlin helped provide them with a solution in the Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure Outdoor Audio Case Study.


Although there are hundreds of outdoor rated speakers on the market, they typically rely on an audio source that’s located indoors. This requires complicated installation procedures such as drilling holes in buildings, running wires from speakers through exterior insulation filled walls, and struggling to get wiring through multiple walls to finally reach the audio source. In most cases, even once this daunting task is complete, the user will still have no control over the source unit while physically in the outdoor location.

After hearing numerous complaints from frustrated music lovers, Outdoor Audio, Inc. set out to develop a solution. In 2006, they were determined to build a complete outdoor audio system that could be easily installed without relying on any inside audio systems and could be left outdoors whatever the weather. Eight months later, The DeckTunes system was developed. The DeckTunes system features a high powered 4 channel head unit; internal UL listed watertight power supply; AM/FM stereo receiver; iPod, iPhone, USB and MP3 player connectivity; 1GB of on-board flash memory for digital media storage & playback; optional Sirius satellite radio receiver; waterproof media player storage drawer; internal power amplified antennal; standard 12 volt receptacle for charging portable media devices; is fan cooled and includes a remote control that operates via radio frequency, is also waterproof and…Read More

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosure Outdoor Audio Case Study

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